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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Journey

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Come as you are and leave a little different!

"Come experience The Journey with us each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.!"

We know that every person wrestles with this thing called "faith." In fact, if I could sum up my own spiritual journey, "struggle of faith" would describe it well! As you very well know, life presents us with some pretty tough questions - even when things are all sunshine and rainbows (unlike most of the weather this week!). Some of those questions are difficult to answer. Some of those questions are simple to answer, but difficult to accept.

I invite you to join us over the next few weeks as we begin a series called "Tough Questions for Curious People." The focus of the series centers around faith. Not only do we ourselves have doubts but we are often faced with tough questions and sometimes accusations by others regarding our faith. Questions that we flat out don't know how to answer. That can be frustrating and even scary sometimes!  We hope you'll take a chance...even a step of faith...and check us out as we attempt to journey together here at Boise's "church for the spiritually curious"! Just come as you are, bring your kids (if you have 'em) and a friend, grab a cup of coffee on your way in, and enjoy! You'll be embraced right where you are!
Mike Boswell, The Journey Boise

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04 May 2014

Ephesians - Living the Life

"Time To Rise"

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