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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Journey

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"Come experience The Journey with us each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.!"

We know that every person wrestles with this thing called "faith." In fact, if I could sum up my own spiritual journey, "struggle of faith" would describe it well! We invite you to join us this month as we celebrate Bigger and Better. God is a God of hope, change, and bigger and better things! He doesn't want us to settle for mediocrity. He has designed us for much more! Join us as we begin this New Year by looking more closely at what that means for each of us! Be ready to go after it! We hope you'll take a chance...even a step of faith...and check us out as we attempt to journey together here at Boise's "church for the spiritually curious"! Just come as you are, bring your kids (if you have 'em) and a friend, grab a cup of coffee on your way in, and enjoy! You'll be embraced right where you are!
Mike Boswell, The Journey Boise

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21 April 2014

Where Does Your Food Come From?

Coming up April 26th at 9:00 am Volunteers are needed to help with the Community Garden Prep.  Bring the the entire family.  Kids learn so much about where our food comes from.  They learn how to eat healthy as they work in a garden.  So Bring the whole family to learn about where our food grows and spend some time getting your hands in the dirt.  Tommy has done such a wonderful job lets thank him by spending 1 hour out of our day blessing our church family with great natural food. 


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20 April 2014

Let's Connect

The way we keep in touch with our friends and family at the Journey is email, is you haven't had the chance please fill in a connection card, or if you have already completed it in the past maybe you need to update your info just complete the form and it will be updated for you.


Click here to connect with us!!

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20 April 2014

Keepers of the Home

The next Keepers of the Home gathering at The Journey will be on Monday night May 5th at 7:00pm. The topic will be on organizing.  You won't want to miss this. 

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19 April 2014

4-20-14 - Easter Sunday Survey

Let us know how we are doing and what how we can improve.


Complete survey HERE

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18 April 2014

Ice Blocking!

For all our U-Turn (Middle and High School Students)! Join us on Saturday, May 24th for a crazy insane afternoon of ice-blocking (sliding down a big hill on a block of melting ice)! More details to come! Invite a friend!

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17 April 2014

The Journey Kids Team

Bigger and Better For the Next Generation.  May sound like a line from Star Trek but it is not.  As Adult leaders how can we help make a Better world for our children if we don't step up to help.  Our Journey's kid want to learn how to grow in Christ.  The closest thing to seeing God's face is a smile on a child face.  They are giving there entire heart to following Christ, but they need us to walk hand in hand with them down that path so they never feel afraid or alone as they learn how to become closer with Christ.  As they walk that path we also are learning more about our own Journey with Christ.  Join the Journey's Kids Team.  Help the children learn to love Christ there entire life.  Please complete this 2 min form on how you can help.  

 Click here to Volunteer

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15 April 2014

Intersection Group Survey

Intersection Groups are small groups centered on topical discussions, activities, or service projects.  The purpose for the groups is for our lives and our faith to intersect with God and each other.  The ultimate purpose is threefold:  

To equip people to do what Jesus did

To strengthen our church family

To nurture unity of the faith, and knowledge of the Son of God

This Survey is to help us provide the services most needed.  Please Click the link to start the Survey your input is greatly appreciated.

Click here for Survey


Dead or Alive

A wonderful message about Easter.  Dead or Alive explains how hard it is for some to truly believe that Jesus rose again from the Grave.

Give to The Journey - FaithStreet

Let's Connect

We look forward to getting to know you! Please complete our short form, and we'll let you know about all the great things that are happening and how you can be a part of it!

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